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In this category are located free tools for rating, monitoring, and optimizing your system. This software is designed to obtain information about the system, to change settings and to improve the performance of your computer system.

  • Download FileHippo App Manager 2.0 Beta 4FileHippo App Manager 2.0 Beta 4 - this software will help you stay your system up-to-date. Check installed applications for latest versions. New look and features. Scheduled scans included.
  • Download Folder Size 2.6Folder Size 2.6 - this program will provide you with new opportunities to work more effectively with Explorer Windows. With simple features and commands you will be able to get the full information not only about the files, but also folders.
  • Download SpeedFan 4.52SpeedFan 4.52 - it's about the software is designed to track and control the fans of your PC. Together with SpeedFan you can easily get the full information not only on speed but also on the temperature and voltage.
  • Download Speccy 1.29.714Speccy 1.29.714 - this program will give you the most detailed statistics about equipment that is installed on your computer. In this case, you will not have any problems with the management of the program, because it is very easy to use.
  • Download Sandra Lite 2016 SP1 (22.20)Sandra Lite 2016 SP1 (22.20) - this utility is an excellent solution for diagnostic purposes. With this software you can easily quickly gather all the necessary information about your system, as well as an established and used programs.
  • Download RAMDisk 4.4.0 RC 36RAMDisk 4.4.0 RC 36 - this program greatly expands your options in the event that if you have too little space for I/O, and in addition, RAMDisk can store your temporary files, which is also a very handy feature.
  • Download Process Explorer 16.11Process Explorer 16.11 - this software will help you to always be aware of what processes you have downloaded, and as you'll get a handy list of all relevant information. Try Process Explorer, and you will see how she is comfortable.
  • Download GPU-Z 1.18.0GPU-Z 1.18.0 - this easy-to-use tool provides the user with a great opportunity to get information about your video card and GPU. It's simple and it can handle even the novice.
  • Download EVEREST Ultimate Edition 5.50EVEREST Ultimate Edition 5.50 - this is a great program for the diagnosis, which will help you get information about your system. With its help, you can easily check your home computer, as well as learn all hardware information, as well as monitoring and more.
  • Download CPU-Z 1.75CPU-Z 1.75 - very easy to use, this program will help you gather information about your system. With it you can get information about the CPU of your computer, as well as stepping on core voltage and performance. In addition, the program will provide you with information about the BIOS.

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