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News Readers

RSS – this is the format, used to deliver information that changes frequently. It may be a new blog, news headlines, announcements of articles, images, audio and video materials, etc.

News Reader(RSS reader) is a program or a web-based application that automatically collects messages from sources, manages and sorts the user’s subscription.

  • Download SharpReader - this program has many features that can considerably help the user work with the mailing list RSS, as well as much more. For this program SharpReader uses the latest advances in the field, making it easy to use.
  • Download FeedReader 3.14FeedReader 3.14 - with this easy program, you can always get your favorite news quickly! In this case, the program is to prevent information overload and help you to easily configure all user-defined functions. Try it and see for yourself.
  • Download Feed Demon Demon - do you want to get a program through which you could just work with RSS-channels? Then make your choice on Feed Demon, because it is the most popular software for Windows, with help of which you will be able to perform all necessary operations.

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