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This category includes free software for the administration of a computer. Here you can download a file manager or phone managers, etc. The file manager is a program that provides a user interface for working with file systems and files.

The file manager allows you to perform the most common operations with files – create, open, edit, move, rename, copy, delete, change attributes and properties, search for files and assign permissions. Many file managers are able to work with the network, backups, manage printers, etc.

  • Download Wireshark 2.0.4Wireshark 2.0.4 - this program is a great network protocol that has a huge number of features that have been applied in various fields. Wireshark - it's reliability, security and advanced technology in the world analyzers.
  • Download UltraSurf 18.01UltraSurf 18.01 - have you always wanted to bypass the firewall? Or, conversely, you want to encrypt and hide your private files? Use the UltraSurf, and you will have the opportunity, as well as many other useful features.
  • Download Total Commander 8.51Total Commander 8.51 - this program - the most famous and convenient file manager to work on Windows. Its high quality and functionality have been tested by time and today you have the opportunity to experience all the convenience of the program.
  • Download SpeedCommander 17.40.9000SpeedCommander 17.40.9000 - this file manager is a great substitute for regular program, while delivering advanced features and user-friendly interface, making the work, it becomes much easier. Try setting SpeedCommander to your computer, and you see it for yourself.
  • Download Nokia PC Suite PC Suite - are you using a Nokia phone and a staunch fan of this product? Do you want to have a program that will help you even more convenient to use your phone when connected to the computer? Then the Nokia PC Suite is just what you need!
  • Download nLite - use this great program to get new features when you install your operating system Windows! For example, you can test the system, or to choose the components that you need. With nLite it will be easy.
  • Download Kies 3.2 Build 15024Kies 3.2 Build 15024 - do you want to share your computer and a mobile phone? Appreciate the wide range of features that make it much easier your life? Then use this program, and you'll be able to verify what the amazing opportunities it offers.
  • Download HTC Sync 3.3.63HTC Sync 3.3.63 - do you use your phone HTC and want to install on your computer handy program to synchronize files? Then you should choose this program because it is designed specifically for this and will be very useful for you!
  • Download HJSplit 3.0HJSplit 3.0 - do you want to share a file, but do not know how to do it? Then use this program, and it will definitely help you with this. In the settings, and the opportunities come in very handy features that ease your task.
  • Download EASEUS Partition Master 12.5EASEUS Partition Master 12.5 - do you use separate sections of the system drive? Do you enjoy working with advanced features and the system fulfills your options? Then use EASEUS Partition Master, and it will not disappoint you!

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