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Instant Messaging

Instant messaging software(Instant messenger, IM) – is a way of communication on the Internet in real time via instant messaging services. To do this on a computer, is used a client program. It allows you to send text messages, sounds, images, or video.

Some of these programs can be used for the organization of group text chat or video conferencing. In this category you can download the free software for instant messaging on the Internet.

  • Download Yahoo! Messenger! Messenger - with this software, you can always stay next to your friends on Yahoo!. This program has everything you need for a quality and entertaining communication, as well as receive all the latest news.
  • Download XChat 2.8.9XChat 2.8.9 - this is a great client for chat, with whom you can easily communicate with their friends and relatives. This will help you as much user-friendly interface and a lot of features to choose from.
  • Download Trillian - this is a great client for chat, which gives you a really great opportunity to socialize with friends and people you love. Trillian supports a large variety of resources, easy to use, and has lots of handy features for communication.
  • Download Pidgin 2.11.0Pidgin 2.11.0 - through this program, you will be able to use chat from several services that allow you to expand opportunities to communicate with their friends and loved ones. The program is very easy to use and has a wide functionality.
  • Download mIRC 7.47mIRC 7.47 - constantly use the live chat and want to find a more user-friendly program that would be even easier to communicate with your friends? Then make your choice on the program mIRC, because it is suitable not only for communication between friends, but also for serious business correspondence!
  • Download Miranda 0.10.68Miranda 0.10.68 - it's fast and easy client for Windows, which will help you to exchange instant message with other users who have installed Miranda. The main feature of the program is that it works very fast and uses minimal system resources.
  • Download MetroTwit 1.1.0MetroTwit 1.1.0 - do you use Twitter and want to make this process more convenient? Then use MetroTwit, because it is easy client for Windows, which allows you to use all the tools and get even more interesting dialogue.
  • Download ICQ 10.0.12312ICQ 10.0.12312 - install ICQ on your computer and experience the limitless possibilities of communication with friends and loved ones! This program provides you with not just a simple chat, but the use of video and audio, as well as much, much more and much more! You'll love this program!
  • Download Google Talk BetaGoogle Talk Beta - chat with your family and friends by using this simple program. It offers users great opportunities that are sure to find the application. In this case, the program is very easy to install, and even a novice will be able to deal with it.
  • Download Facebook Messenger 2.1Facebook Messenger 2.1 - often chat with friends on Facebook, but do not want every time for it to open a browser? Then use Facebook Messenger, and this program will greatly simplify the task you! With the help of communication will become even more enjoyable!
  • Download Digsby build 92Digsby build 92 - this application will help you to combine several functions in one unit. With it, you can use e-mail or social networks, and as instantly send and receive messages, and much more. The program has a simple interface and a set of features.
  • Download AIM - do you like to easily and naturally interact with your friends in cyberspace? Like to share photos and files, as well as use voice calls? Then this program is perfect for you!

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