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Email it’s a technology that provides services for sending and receiving electronic messages(letters) on the local network or on the Internet. E-mail software(e-mail client, email client) – is a software that a user installs on the computer.

It is used to receive, write, send, and store e-mail messages.

  • Download Windows Live Mail 16.4.3528Windows Live Mail 16.4.3528 - with this program you will have new exciting opportunities to work with e-mail. Alternatively, you can use Windows Live Mail 2012 in stand-alone mode, but your mail will be under control. Try it and see how easy it is!
  • Download Thunderbird 60.0 Beta 4Thunderbird 60.0 Beta 4 - this program is a convenient e-mail client with the features of your favorite browser Firefox. By supporting a variety of features and built-in RSS Reader, Thunderbird is an excellent program to view your e-mails.
  • Download The Bat! Home Edition 7.4.14The Bat! Home Edition 7.4.14 - do you want to use a program that would allow you much easier to manage e-mail? Then, stop your choice on the program The Bat!, Because here you can find everything you need!
  • Download Spamihilator - if you want your e-mail management has become much easier than it used to, then use the program Spamihilator, and you will feel the difference. Along with that your email will be even easier!
  • Download Postbox 5.0.25Postbox 5.0.25 - together with Postbox, you can quickly get access to even the most ancient writings, which are stored in your e-mail. In this case, the search for the desired content will not take much of your time, and it is this remarkable software Postbox.
  • Download Pegasus Mail 4.72Pegasus Mail 4.72 - the program - a convenient email client, which will come in handy for use in a local network. By using Pegasus Mail, you can exchange mail within the network, and you do not need to be connected to a common server.
  • Download MailWasher Free 7.9.0MailWasher Free 7.9.0 - are you tired of endless spam that comes to your email inbox? Are you looking for a program that would help you sort out your letters? Then use MailWasher, and this program will help you keep your e-mail clean of spam and more.
  • Download IncrediMail 2 Build 5274IncrediMail 2 Build 5274 - with this program you will have an amazing opportunity to transform their e-mail. Use IncrediMail and you can see for yourself. Your mail will be not only comfortable, but also beautiful.
  • Download Eudora OSE 1.0 RC2Eudora OSE 1.0 RC2 - it is very easy to use program with which you will be able to more easily controlled with your e-mail. It will help you control your correspondence, as well as has a number of features that will enhance your productivity. With Eudora it will be a snap!

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