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Data Encryption

Encryption is a method of changing the information so it was impossible to obtain. It used to store sensitive or confidential information. You can encrypt not only a text, but also a variety of data and files. Encryption is divided into two processes: the encryption and the decryption.

There are special methods and algorithms. This category includes free software to encrypt the data to help you protect your data, using different algorithms.

  • Download TrueCrypt 7.2TrueCrypt 7.2 - this program offers a great opportunity to work with your files. It should be noted encryption function to load is called the on-the-fly-encrypted drive. With this program you will get a great tool for encryption.
  • Download Password Safe 3.42.1Password Safe 3.42.1 - with the aid of this software, you can always monitor your old passwords, as well as create new ones. Opportunities Password Safe allows you to use a complex algorithm to create these passwords that will be impossible to crack.
  • Download KeePass 1.32KeePass 1.32 - this password manager allows users to control in safe mode, and also has an open-source, making it more flexible and functional. Use the best encryption methods!
  • Download AxCrypt 2.1.1502.0AxCrypt 2.1.1502.0 - it's a handy and easy to use program that will help you keep documentation of your email. AxCrypt helps you protect documents, private correspondence, and any other information that is in need of privacy.

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