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This category presents the software to download files from the Internet or a local network. Download manager is a computer program that is used to download files from the Internet or a local network. Modern download manager provides protection against errors when downloading, using the check file integrity, accelerates download time due to flow separation download to several parts. FTP(File Transfer Protocol) is an Internet protocol that is used to transfer files between computers.

There are FTP-servers and FTP-clients. This protocol allows you to connect to FTP-servers, view the contents of a directory, download files from the server, or to server. FTP-client is a software that is used to access the FTP-server. It can provide the user with easy access to a remote FTP-server in the console mode or graphically display the files on the remote server.

  • Download GetRight 6.5GetRight 6.5 - do you need a program that would offer you a great opportunity for downloading files on the internet? Do you want to optimize this process so that it is more comfortable? Then use GetRight, and with it you can do that and much more.
  • Download CuteFTP 9.0.5CuteFTP 9.0.5 - this program serves a great mediator between your computer and the server file transfer (FTP). With it, you can transfer files of any size and type: multimedia files, documents, and more. Install it and try it yourself!
  • Download Wuala NadelhornWuala Nadelhorn - this easy to use program will help you gain access to your files wherever you are. Wuala offers you a great opportunity to use remote storage of your files, and all the necessary documentation will always be there.
  • Download WinSCP 5.13.1WinSCP 5.13.1 - take advantage of this program in the event that you took an excellent FTP client that would be completely free and adapted to the platform Windows. WinSCP has all the features and very easy to use.
  • Download veryCD easyMule 1.2.1veryCD easyMule 1.2.1 - this software allows the user to share resources via P2P and has an open-source, more convenient and flexible working. veryCD easyMule is versatile and simple to use, as well as a great opportunity.
  • Download TeraCopy 3.21TeraCopy 3.21 - this small and easy to use program will help you to perform all operations with the movement of files, and it will be much faster and easier than before. Install TeraCopy to your PC, and you yourself can feel the comfort of this program.
  • Download Stream-Cloner 2.30Stream-Cloner 2.30 - this program is ideal for you to download real-time not only movies, but also the different content on the Internet. With this any streaming audio and video without problems remain on your computer.
  • Download Star Downloader Free 1.45Star Downloader Free 1.45 - with this program you will be able to share the download, which greatly reduces the overall boot time. Thus, this program is a great manager for download, which saves you time.
  • Download SpiderOak 7.1.0SpiderOak 7.1.0 - thanks SpiderOak you can perform easy backup of your files, as well as their timing, and much more. This program has everything you need for the task, and it is sure to please you with its functionality and simplicity.
  • Download OneDrive(previously SkyDrive) Build 18.044.0301.0006OneDrive(previously SkyDrive) Build 18.044.0301.0006 - this software provides an easy way to store your information on a variety of online services. The program is easy to use and has the same functions as other software of this kind.
  • Download Orbit Downloader Downloader - this program - convenient manager to successfully download files. A distinctive feature of the software is the ability to work with the latest generation of Web, which makes your work fast and reliable. Downloading files will be guaranteed.
  • Download NetDrive 3.3.349NetDrive 3.3.349 - in case you needed a stop access to a variety of repositories, NetDrive program is perfect for you to do this. After all, it provides users with all necessary features and is very easy to use.
  • Download Mozy 2.28.2Mozy 2.28.2 - in case you require any software to backup your files, pay attention to Mozy, because the product is easy to use and has all of the tools is to ensure that your data is safe and sound.
  • Download Internet Download Manager 6.28 Build 17Internet Download Manager 6.28 Build 17 - use this program to a much more convenient to handle your downloads, as well as to perform any operation. Together with IDM, you can increase the download speed, as well as opportunities to buy, which previously did not know.
  • Download Google Drive 1.32.4889.9221Google Drive 1.32.4889.9221 - with this program, all the information will be completely safe! Your photos, videos and documents are always at hand, and you do not need for a long search. As well, the program provides opportunities for different needs.
  • Download GMail Drive 1.0.20GMail Drive 1.0.20 - together with GMail Drive, you will be able to create a convenient file system for your e-mail address, allowing you work with files much faster than before. In other words, you can create additional virtual disk for your information.
  • Download Gladinet Cloud Desktop 4.0.1027Gladinet Cloud Desktop 4.0.1027 - with this program, you will be able to have quick access to your favorite cloud servers, as well as perform other operations not only fast, but also convenient! Use it to work with services such as Amazon S3, Google Docs, Picasa, and many others.
  • Download Free Download Manager 5.1.23 Build 5672Free Download Manager 5.1.23 Build 5672 - do you need a convenient and free download manager that would help you organize your downloads? You do not like to use the advanced functions, but the program should be fully functional? Then Free Download Manager is the most cost-effective solution!
  • Download FluffyApp 3.0.4FluffyApp 3.0.4 - have you always wanted to find an easy utility for easy upload of your pictures on the various services? Then FluffyApp - this is exactly what you need. Through this program, you will not have any problems with this task, and you will easily cope with it.
  • Download FlashGet - If you use this software, you can forget about the problems that arose before downloading files. FlashGet can help you download files or recover quickly download if the connection to the internet was lost.
  • Download FileZilla 3.32.0FileZilla 3.32.0 - are you looking for a program that would be easy FTP client and would have a variety of user-friendly features? Then FileZilla is for you! It will help you to simplify the transfer of files, and also supports a variety of formats and protocols.
  • Download Dropbox 45.4.92Dropbox 45.4.92 - use this program as an easy way to store your files online. Dropbox has a number of features that greatly simplify this task and you will be able to appreciate it. With Dropbox storage of your files will be safe.
  • Download DragonDisk 1.05DragonDisk 1.05 - do you need an excellent and free tool to have access to the files on Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, and other storage services? Then select the program DragonDisk, and you wonder what opportunities it gives you to do so.
  • Download Download Accelerator Plus Accelerator Plus - are you interested in the program, which is an effective method of downloading using SPEEDbit? Do you want to significantly increase the speed of downloading and still have lots of features and convenient options? Then Download Accelerator Plus is for you!
  • Download Core FTP LE 2.2 Build 1907Core FTP LE 2.2 Build 1907 - do you need the software with which you would be able to work with the functions of FTP client? Do you want to expand the capabilities and integrate applications into one? Do you need a good support for firewall? Then Core FTP LE is for you.
  • Download 4shared Desktop 4.0.34shared Desktop 4.0.3 - do you need easy access to the storage of your files? Then this program is for you! It provides easy access to your online storage account. This will help you save time and increase opportunities.

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