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P2P-networks it is a principle of construction of computer networks in which information is exchanged between the participating computers in the network. All participants have the same privileges: both clients and servers simultaneously are. In peer to peer networks, the cost of storage and data transfer are borne by the participants in the network rather than a central server. They don’t have a single center and don’t have huge information capacity. File Sharing is one of the applications of such networks.

Members of such a file-sharing networks spread files in the "share" folder, the contents of which is available for download to other users. In conventional P2P-networks exist and hybrid networks. In them there are servers that coordinate the work involved in finding or providing information about the computers on that network. Hybrid networks have the following advantages: speed and reliability of network system of decentralized. In case of failure of one or more computers, the network continues to function. Popular EDonkey and BitTorrent are examples of such networks. To work with a peer-to-peer network on your computer must be running the client program, which you can download in this category.

  • Download Vuze - do you took a free client for BitTorrent? Then use the software Vuze, and you'll love it for the reliability and the large number of user friendly features.
  • Download uTorrent 3.5.3 Build 44396uTorrent 3.5.3 Build 44396 - what is uTorrent? It is the most popular client to download the torrent file, which is very easy to use, easy and has a lot of useful features. Along with uTorrent you can upload what you need without any problems!
  • Download Shareaza - together with the program Shareaza, you can download and use multiple network P2P. Despite the fact that the functions and features of the program is very complicated, it is fairly simple to use that it does not affect the functionality.
  • Download JDownloader 0.9JDownloader 0.9 - are you tired of long waits for your download comes to an end? Do you want to use a program that will speed up the process? Then use JDownloader, and you'll surely love it for its high speed download!
  • Download iMesh 12.0iMesh 12.0 - with this software, you can perform easy file sharing between users is not only a country but also between several countries. So, for example, iMesh allows exchange between the United States and Canada, as well as much more.
  • Download FrostWire 6.5.2FrostWire 6.5.2 - high download speed, security for your system, various applications and interesting cover - all of this, as well as many more will provide program FrostWire, which is a convenient client BitTorrent.
  • Download eMule 0.50b Beta 1eMule 0.50b Beta 1 - with this client, you can create a hassle-free one reliable network, which will be based on a network of eDonkey2000. It will be very useful if you decide to create a convenient and fast file sharing. Extra features and options greatly simplify this task.
  • Download DC++ 0.866DC++ 0.866 - with this simple program you'll be able to share files over the Internet, and at the same time you will not have any limits! Thanks to the pleasant interface, the work is easy and fast, and you will surely be able to appreciate the quality of this software.
  • Download BitTorrent 7.10.0 Build 44091BitTorrent 7.10.0 Build 44091 - this is a handy torrent client that will allow you to quickly share large amounts of data. There is absolutely no difference what it is you want to upload / download: music, movies, games, software, documents. With BitTorrent you will not know the limit!
  • Download BitComet 1.45BitComet 1.45 - this handy and easy program used to work with p2p protocols and allows you to work with high-speed distribution of torrent files and packages. With a torrent client and other useful functions, BitComet performs fast uploading and downloading files.
  • Download BearShare Lite 12.0.0BearShare Lite 12.0.0 - use this program to effectively communicate. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, this program wins the hearts of more and more users. In the program there are no complicated settings, which means that you can fully enjoy a pleasant chat with friends.
  • Download Ares 2.4.7Ares 2.4.7 - with this program you without problems can share files with other users, as well as upload and download torrent. The program provides opportunities and has a nice interface, and it is your job significantly faster.

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