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This section focuses on software virtualization. Virtualization is a process of allocation of computing resources or their logical association. This is representation of resources into components and they are not limited by software implementation, the physical resources or geographical location.

There are several types of virtualization: software, hardware; server and workstation, paravirtualization, etc. The most well-known and widely used technology for personal computers is a virtual machine. It is a software environment that is emulated by the host system software.

  • Download VMware Server 2.0.2VMware Server 2.0.2 - through this program, you can easily share your server into multiple virtual machines. Thanks to this virtualization technology that works like on Linux, and on Windows, you can achieve great results, and VMware Server will help you with this.
  • Download VMware Player 12.5.7VMware Player 12.5.7 - through this program, you can accomplish your desktop virtualization. In other words, you can create one "virtual" computer on your physical computer, and for that you need to install VMware Player.
  • Download VirtualBox - this program - it is convenient virtualizer that can be used not only conventional personal computers but also in servers. Program provides a huge selection to use it.
  • Download Virtual PC 2007 SP1Virtual PC 2007 SP1 - create multiple virtual machines together with Virtual PC 2007! This program has everything you need to ensure you not only quality, but also a reliable job of creating a virtual system. And for this you need only one computer!
  • Download Sandboxie 5.16Sandboxie 5.16 - thanks to this convenient and easy-to-use program, you will be able to work without too much to cope with various spyware and you do not have to spend on it as much effort as you expend before. Sandboxie will do it all for you!

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