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Databases are special programs and files that store structured data. There are a huge number of database systems. They differ with the structure, with the data storage, with the direction of use, with types of connections, etc.

Most of the programs that process large amounts of information and data using the database. In this category you can download for free the most popular database systems.

  • Download SQL Server 2012 Management Studio ExpressSQL Server 2012 Management Studio Express - if you're familiar with the programs of this kind, and now you have a graphical tool that allows you to edit and work with the peculiarities of the server, select the SQL Server 2012 Management Studio Express, and this simple program will satisfy your needs.
  • Download SQL Server 2012 ExpressSQL Server 2012 Express - this compact program is a condensed version of the usual SQL Server 2008, but, nevertheless, it has all the features and provides you the maximum freedom of action. Together with SQL Server 2012 Express you will have the opportunities that were not there before!
  • Download PostgreSQL 9.6.2PostgreSQL 9.6.2 - will you need a reliable and safe program to work with the database? Then choose PostgreSQL, since the software is on the market for over 15 years and in that time the program has earned an excellent reputation.
  • Download phpMyAdmin 4.7.3phpMyAdmin 4.7.3 - this software is designed to work and the various operations with MySQL. It has great potential, and along with this program you will be able to maintain the database and server, as well as much more.
  • Download MySQL 5.7.12MySQL 5.7.12 - the program combines many functions in order to ensure that your work has become even more convenient and efficient. Thanks to features such as scheduler, replication, and more, MySQL is simply irreplaceable!
  • Download Firebird 3.0.2Firebird 3.0.2 - this convenient and functional program allows you to work with different databases. It has tools available that make the job easier and faster, which will certainly be very helpful to users. Next, we consider the Firebird more.

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