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In this category you can find the software that is desired when you designing, developing and maintaining software and web-based products, websites. With this software you can develop tasks, type and edit code, test projects, analyze issues, etc.

This software includes development tools, compilers, code editors, debuggers, and a variety programming environments of virtualization, databases, etc.

  • Download Eclipse Classic 4.2.2Eclipse Classic 4.2.2 - this program will allow you to use all the features of previous versions of Eclipse. With it, you can use all sorts of plug-ins to work with Java, as well as doing editing and stuff. Try out the possibility of Eclipse Classic now!
  • Download VMware Server 2.0.2VMware Server 2.0.2 - through this program, you can easily share your server into multiple virtual machines. Thanks to this virtualization technology that works like on Linux, and on Windows, you can achieve great results, and VMware Server will help you with this.
  • Download VMware Player 12.5.7VMware Player 12.5.7 - through this program, you can accomplish your desktop virtualization. In other words, you can create one "virtual" computer on your physical computer, and for that you need to install VMware Player.
  • Download VirtualBox - this program - it is convenient virtualizer that can be used not only conventional personal computers but also in servers. Program provides a huge selection to use it.
  • Download Virtual PC 2007 SP1Virtual PC 2007 SP1 - create multiple virtual machines together with Virtual PC 2007! This program has everything you need to ensure you not only quality, but also a reliable job of creating a virtual system. And for this you need only one computer!
  • Download TortoiseSVN 1.9.5TortoiseSVN 1.9.5 - do you need the software to control the sources of other programs that are installed on your operating system of Windows? Then install TortoiseSVN on your computer, and it will satisfy your needs.
  • Download TopStyle - with this program you easily create all the necessary standards for Internet sites. TopStyle is a powerful tool for the job, and now you can see it in the same way as is done by many users around the world!
  • Download SQL Server 2012 Management Studio ExpressSQL Server 2012 Management Studio Express - if you're familiar with the programs of this kind, and now you have a graphical tool that allows you to edit and work with the peculiarities of the server, select the SQL Server 2012 Management Studio Express, and this simple program will satisfy your needs.
  • Download SQL Server 2012 ExpressSQL Server 2012 Express - this compact program is a condensed version of the usual SQL Server 2008, but, nevertheless, it has all the features and provides you the maximum freedom of action. Together with SQL Server 2012 Express you will have the opportunities that were not there before!
  • Download Sandboxie 5.16Sandboxie 5.16 - thanks to this convenient and easy-to-use program, you will be able to work without too much to cope with various spyware and you do not have to spend on it as much effort as you expend before. Sandboxie will do it all for you!
  • Download Ruby 2.2.3Ruby 2.2.3 - the program - a dynamic code and open source language. It should be noted separately simplicity of the program and work with a variety of factors, so that provides a much better result.
  • Download Python 3.6.0Python 3.6.0 - this program is a dynamic programming language with which you will find new opportunities for integration with other similar programs. Also, you will be available to convenient tools and libraries, and much more.
  • Download PostgreSQL 9.6.2PostgreSQL 9.6.2 - will you need a reliable and safe program to work with the database? Then choose PostgreSQL, since the software is on the market for over 15 years and in that time the program has earned an excellent reputation.
  • Download phpMyAdmin 4.7.3phpMyAdmin 4.7.3 - this software is designed to work and the various operations with MySQL. It has great potential, and along with this program you will be able to maintain the database and server, as well as much more.
  • Download NSIS 3.02NSIS 3.02 - this software is like no other suit you, if you had to create Windows installers. As well, you will be able to use a strong component for various tasks. Use NSIS to vote high technology.
  • Download Notepad++ 7.5.6Notepad++ 7.5.6 - if you are used to working in a notepad, and have now decided to extend the usual for a function, you have done quite well for choosing this program. It is a perfect analogue of the standard notepad, but with improved capabilities for work.
  • Download NetBeans IDE 8.2NetBeans IDE 8.2 - this is the most convenient software package that provides users with a truly great opportunity to create a variety of applications for both the computer and mobile devices. Using a variety of programming languages, NetBeans is very easy to use.
  • Download MySQL 5.7.12MySQL 5.7.12 - the program combines many functions in order to ensure that your work has become even more convenient and efficient. Thanks to features such as scheduler, replication, and more, MySQL is simply irreplaceable!
  • Download Inno Setup 5.5.9Inno Setup 5.5.9 - do you need a full-featured installer that would allow you to perform all operations with the programs of Windows? Then be sure to select the Inno Setup, because it is the undisputed leader in this field. With it, you gain a huge opportunity.
  • Download Firebird 3.0.2Firebird 3.0.2 - this convenient and functional program allows you to work with different databases. It has tools available that make the job easier and faster, which will certainly be very helpful to users. Next, we consider the Firebird more.
  • Download Dreamweaver CCDreamweaver CC - this software is a great tool for the professional development of web sites, as well as a WYSIWYG editor for the design and user-friendly application for editing HTML code. All this you can find on your computer by installing Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • Download Cheat Engine 6.4Cheat Engine 6.4 - this program is perfect for those gamers who want to fine-tune the game to your own level of difficulty. Due to the wide variety of features and capabilities, Cheat Engine offers a great opportunity for the players and it will probably be exactly what you are looking for!
  • Download BlueGriffon 2.3.1BlueGriffon 2.3.1 - are you looking for a modern and robust solution for easy editing of web pages? Do you value your time and money? Need opportunities to implement their plans? Then this program is for you!
  • Download ArgoUML 0.34ArgoUML 0.34 - if you need a convenient tool for modeling, then be sure to pay attention to this software because it provides users with very large capacity and very easy to use. Its advantages are undeniable.
  • Download Aptana Studio 3.6.1Aptana Studio 3.6.1 - if you need software to edit any HTML code, as well as JavaScript and others, then this program will help you with this. It can create PHP, Python, and more, as well as provides extensive integration methods.

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