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Archivers are computer software that allow you to compress multiple files into a single archive file for easier transmission or storage. This data it is files and folders, usually.

  • Download WinRAR 5.60 Beta 3WinRAR 5.60 Beta 3 - this archive is the most common, because it has many features and is very easy to use. Together with WinRAR you can always work with the most popular types of archives, as well as encrypt your files, and more.
  • Download 7-Zip 18.03 Beta7-Zip 18.03 Beta - convenient and easy archiving. It helps you back up your files, compress the volume, and also supports many formats and has a number of features to help you easily refer to your files and perform the necessary operations.
  • Download ZipGenius - do you want to work with the archives, and now you require a full-featured program for this? Then use ZipGenius, and with it you will be able to perform all the necessary tasks much faster than before, with similar programs.
  • Download WinZip 21.0.12288WinZip 21.0.12288 - use this program for fast and reliable file compression. Working with the latest technology, the program WinZip has long earned a great reputation, and today you have the opportunity to experience it.
  • Download WinAce 2.69WinAce 2.69 - this program is another excellent solution for backup and encryption of your files. Together with WinAce you can perform all the operations to create reliable archives, which will have a high level of security.
  • Download Universal Extractor 1.6.1Universal Extractor 1.6.1 - install the program on your computer, and with it you will have the most convenient tool to extract files from any archive. In this case, you will not have problems, because the program is very easy to use.
  • Download TUGZip - now encoded and compressed files will not be a problem for you! Together with TUGZip you can perform any operation for archiving, because it is a very convenient tool for this purpose, which works on the basis of Windows.
  • Download PowerArchiver 18.00.46 RC3PowerArchiver 18.00.46 RC3 - this program has become a favorite for many people all over the world because it offers a great opportunity for data compression, both for the beginner and the professional. With PowerArchiver you can use the most advanced compression and encryption algorithms.
  • Download PeaZip 6.4.0PeaZip 6.4.0 - do you often work with archives, and you needed a friendly manager who will facilitate you with this task? Then use PeaZip, and you will not regret the choice. This program has great potential to work with the archive.
  • Download IZArc - do you want to download a program that would help you to work comfortably with most of the encoded formats? If so, you've come to the right place! After IZArc helps you work with files the most popular formats, as well as offers a wide functionality and much more.
  • Download FILEminimizerSuite 7.0FILEminimizerSuite 7.0 - using this software, you can forget about all the problems associated with sending e-mails. The program speeds up the process and makes it more convenient and easier than ever before!

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