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In this category you can download the free software for creating, editing, organizing and viewing audio and video production(movies, music, audio tracks, etc.). The most popular software in this category it’s players, editors, codec packages, programs for capturing audio and video, converters, catalogers.

As a whole it’s a free software for working with multimedia on the computer.

  • Download iTunes 12.7.4iTunes 12.7.4 - in order to make full use of multi-media applications, use iTunes. This software is free for PC and Mac, and using it, you will have many new features that you will love.
  • Download Zoom Player Home FREE 14.0 Beta 2Zoom Player Home FREE 14.0 Beta 2 - what is Zoom Player Home FREE? This is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use program for playing all kinds of media files. Through this, you can easily watch a movie or listen to music, and this will help you a simple interface.
  • Download XBMC Media Center 17.1 RC 1XBMC Media Center 17.1 RC 1 - what is the XBMC Media Center? This is very handy media center, which runs on the most common operating systems and provides users with a great opportunity to work with multimedia files.
  • Download Wondershare Video Editor 6.0.1Wondershare Video Editor 6.0.1 - do you want to link the video from the movie clips that were shot on a camera or mobile phone? Do you want to take advantage of modern technology of video editing? Then install Wondershare Video Editor on your PC!
  • Download Windows Media Player 11Windows Media Player 11 - install Windows Media Player on your computer, because the program is recognized as a benchmark in the field of video and music files. Also, WMP offers many convenient features.
  • Download Windows 7 Codecs 5.2.7Windows 7 Codecs 5.2.7 - this package is designed to support all the features of Microsoft Windows 7. It contains all the essentials that may require user and you have to install the Windows 7 Codecs on your computer.
  • Download Winamp 5.666 Full Build 3516Winamp 5.666 Full Build 3516 - this program - the most popular player for media files! It is loved by many users around the world, and with each new version of Winamp is beautiful, functional and reliable. Play your music and movies with ease!
  • Download VLC Media Player 2.2.4VLC Media Player 2.2.4 - this program is a handy portable player not only for video files, but also for audio. Along with this you will be able to play all movies and music, as well as view streaming video.
  • Download Vista Codec Package 7.0.0Vista Codec Package 7.0.0 - if you want to download the software, which will provide you with a full set of codecs for Vista, you use Vista Codec Package and you will find everything you need!
  • Download VirtualDub 1.10.4VirtualDub 1.10.4 - if you need a great tool for capturing video. If you are looking for a huge number of features for working with video. If you want to download the program for free. Then select VirtualDub, and you will not be disappointed!
  • Download VirtualDJ 8.2 Build 3798VirtualDJ 8.2 Build 3798 - the program VDJ - this is the perfect software for DJs! For this VirtualDJ has many features not only standard play music, but also for its mix, and much more! Try it and see for yourself!
  • Download Tag&Rename 3.9.7Tag&Rename 3.9.7 - this utility is designed to work with a variety of music formats. With Tag&Rename, you get a lot of useful features that are sure to appeal to you to taste. For example, you can edit tags and more.
  • Download SUPER v2015 build 65SUPER v2015 build 65 - with this program you can play absolutely any multimedia files, as well as you will have many other features for easy operation. SUPER provides the user with a convenient solution to many problems.
  • Download Spotify - this software will help you to find your favorite music. In this case, you will have the choice of a million different tracks that you can download to your computer, MP3 player or mobile phone. Use Spotify and you will achieve great results.
  • Download SopCast 4.2.0SopCast 4.2.0 - do you want to watch your favorite TV shows directly from your computer? Then install SopCast, and it will allow you to realize your desire into reality. The program has everything you need, so you can listen to music or watch TV.
  • Download Songbird 2.2.0Songbird 2.2.0 - if you enjoy listening to music and looking for the most convenient and modern player, be sure to turn your attention to Songbird. This player has an open-source and high functionality, which makes it ideal for great music.
  • Download SMPlayer 18.3.0SMPlayer 18.3.0 - use SMPlayer, and with this great program you will have new opportunities to view your movies. Are you really surprised at how comfortable and practical, this program, as well as will be delighted with additional functions.
  • Download RealTimes (previously RealPlayer Cloud) (previously RealPlayer Cloud) - this software is right for you like no one else, to work with video files that can be found on various sites on the Internet, as well as for many other things. RealPlayer is convenient and easy to use.
  • Download Real Alternative 2.02Real Alternative 2.02 - the convenient set of different codecs, this program will allow you to play different files, and thus does not require any software installation on the computer. Real Alternative is easy to use and has excellent characteristics.
  • Download Quintessential Player 5.0Quintessential Player 5.0 - if you're looking for a great audio player that would carry a very large number of features that make your choice on Quintessential Player, and you will not regret it. This program is perfect to play the majority of music files.
  • Download QuickTime Player Player - use QuickTime Player to play the file format MOV. This player is very easy to use, and many users around the world have already managed to do that. You must try it!
  • Download QuickTime Lite 4.1.0QuickTime Lite 4.1.0 - this program is a lightweight version of its counterpart, which is required for playback of video content on the web pages. The main advantages - QuickTime Lite is very easy to use and takes up little space on your computer.
  • Download Miro 6.0Miro 6.0 - this program is nothing like free HD player which helps you not only to play the most current formats, but also gives you a great opportunity for Internet , television and other services.
  • Download MediaPortal 2.1MediaPortal 2.1 - with MediaPortal, you can connect the Smart TV to your computer and create a true multimedia center right at home! Use all the features of the program in order to achieve maximum effect.
  • Download MediaMonkey - this program is nothing but a great manager to work with your music files, which is suitable as an ordinary music lover and the serious collector who appreciates quality and performance.
  • Download MediaInfo 18.03MediaInfo 18.03 - with this program, you will always have quick access to the information stored within media files. It is very comfortable and the program gives users a great opportunity to work with video and audio files.
  • Download Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7.13Media Player Classic Home Cinema 1.7.13 - this is a great compact player for the operating system Windows, which helps you to play any media files. In addition, it has great features for a variety of tasks, and you'll surely love it!
  • Download KMPlayer - download this amazing and very easy to use player to play the most popular video formats! Even a high-quality image will not be hindered, and this player plays it without any problems on your computer!
  • Download K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 14.05K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 14.05 - for successful movies in excellent quality, you'll need modern codecs. Now, almost no content is not without innovation, and to ensure that your system is easy to cope with this problem, you need to install on your computer K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.
  • Download K-Lite Codec Pack 14.05 FullK-Lite Codec Pack 14.05 Full - for successful movies in excellent quality, you'll need modern codecs. Now, almost no content is not without innovation, and to ensure that your system is easy to cope with this problem, you need to install on your computer K-Lite Codec Pack.
  • Download jetAudio 8.1.4 BasicjetAudio 8.1.4 Basic - this is an excellent software for multimedia. Supporting the most advanced formats, the program prompts the user really great opportunity to work with a variety of media files.
  • Download Jajuk Advanced Jukebox 1.10.6Jajuk Advanced Jukebox 1.10.6 - do you can not live without music and need a program that would help you to conveniently organize all the music library on your computer? Then use this program, and with it you can listen to your music with maximum comfort!
  • Download HandBrake 1.0.2HandBrake 1.0.2 - this program will be very useful for a variety of operations with video, in particular, to convert it to other formats, and much more. All you need to do it is install the software on your computer and try it for yourself opportunities.
  • Download GOM Player Player - do you need a free player for media files? Do you want to use one program to watch movies and listen to music? Then use GOM Player, and you will not be disappointed in your choice!
  • Download Freemake Video Converter Video Converter - with this simple program to convert video files in most common formats will not make you do any work! With a great set of tools, it was made in a pleasant interface and provides the user with excellent results fast!
  • Download Format Factory Factory - comfortable and functional converter. Format Factory will help you to not only work with audio files, but also with video and photos. With it, even a novice will be able to quickly and successfully complete all the necessary operations, and you'll be surprised how easy it is!
  • Download Foobar2000 1.4 Beta 9Foobar2000 1.4 Beta 9 - do you want to take advantage of excellent music player that would fit perfectly for Windows? Do you need full support for codecs and other user-friendly features? Then use the program Foobar2000, and you will not be disappointed in your choice!
  • Download DivX Play 10.8.4DivX Play 10.8.4 - do you want to install on your computer video player that will allow you to enjoy high-quality digital video? Then make your choice on DivX Play! This program will help you to view and listen to the most popular file formats, as well as much more!
  • Download Debut Video Capture 5.08 BetaDebut Video Capture 5.08 Beta - do you need to take a snapshot of the video stream? Do you use a webcam and want to capture the video file and then save it to your computer? Then use this program, and you will not be disappointed with its features. It has rich functionality and a great set of tools for this task.
  • Download dBpowerAMP Music Converter 16.1dBpowerAMP Music Converter 16.1 - thanks to this convenient converter, you hassle-free can convert the most popular file formats, and also get a handy set of functions for various operations with CDs and batch conversion, as well as adding effects, work with the equalizer and much more!
  • Download Codec Pack All-In-1 Pack All-In-1 - if you are tired of the problem, there are not enough different codecs to play the movie, then you can use this software and you will no longer worry about it. Codec Pack All-In-1 operates with the most modern formats and is very easy to use.
  • Download BSplayer 2.7.0BSplayer 2.7.0 - do you need a convenient player for video files, which would support a vast majority of would be convenient and practical? BSplayer then this is exactly what you need, because it has a wide functionality and very easy to use.
  • Download Avidemux 2.6.19Avidemux 2.6.19 - in case if you need a user-friendly editor for video, which is equipped with the tools of coding and filtering, then you have made the right choice. Avidemux - this is what you need! It supports most modern formats and provides professional results quickly.
  • Download Audiograbber 1.83Audiograbber 1.83 - with this software, you can always quickly rip the audio from a variety of carriers. In addition, the program has amazing features with which you can do absolutely identical copy from the original disk, or to a prior test and see the final result.
  • Download Audacity 2.1.2Audacity 2.1.2 - do you need a simple audio editor? Do you want to expand your opportunities for live recording? Do you want to edit the sound files on a professional level, and add cool effects? Then this program - what you need! With it, you will get all these features and see how easy it is!
  • Download aTubeCatcher 3.8.1390aTubeCatcher 3.8.1390 - this program will be very useful for those who need to capture video from online viewing. With it you can save your favorite movie, seen on sites such as YouTube and MySpace, as well as save the video chat, and more. Save unforgettable live emotions!
  • Download Any Video Converter 6.2.3Any Video Converter 6.2.3 - convenient and fast converter that works with the most popular file formats. With it, you can convert video files to the required format, as well as prepare them for the Sony PSP or Apple Ipod Video.
  • Download ALLPlayer 7.2ALLPlayer 7.2 - in the event that you are looking for a convenient player for watching movies, which will support subtitles and many of the most common formats, the program ALLPlayer perfectly cope with this task, as it has everything you need for that.
  • Download AIMP 4.51.2070AIMP 4.51.2070 - are you looking for a great and free audio player? Then AIMP perfectly cope with this task! Comfortable and beautiful, it will help you easily navigate your music preferences, create playlists and more.

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