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What is VirtualBox? This software, which is designed for x86 hardware, and it is full virtualizer destination. Download VirtualBox, and you can use the program of their choice - a home computer or on a server. In addition, the program has an open-source, so you can VirtualBox free download, and at the same time you get a professional solution for increasing the quality of virtualization.

Consider the features of the program VirtualBox:

  • With VirtualBox you can easily create a description of all the virtual machines, and still use the format XML. It is in XML format saves all configuration parameters and properties of the physical computer does not have any value here. This means that you can easily move the virtual machine to another computer;
  • VirtualBox program has a lot of modules for different designs. It uses an internal interface for programming properties such as server / client. Because of this feature, you can easily monitor multiple interfaces. An example of this feature: you can use a virtual machine that was created primarily by the type of a typical GUI, and with all management will be held at the command line. So you can set up and remote work, and due to the fact that the program has an open-source, you can make it your own changes, which makes it a more versatile tool.
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Title: VirtualBox

File Name: VirtualBox-5.1.22-115126-Win.exe

File Size: 117.94MB (123,669,848 bytes)

Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 64 / Windows8 / Windows8 64 / Windows 10

Languages: Multiple languages

Date Added: May 2, 2017

Author: Oracle

Home Page: http://www.oracle.com

Program Page: http://www.virtualbox.org

MD5 Hash: 5918F1E7274412B81E88D40005C0C3C3

  • VB Usert

    Rating: 5/5

    Oracle decided to hide an anty-debug function to prevent others from inspecting there software and represent it as a security feature but now that every AV/FW/other software is caught by it there are trying to blame it on the AV/FW products instead of removing it…

    P.S. There is a censorship campaign on the VB forums so don’t bother posting there just revert back to VirtualBox 4.3.12.

    P.P.S. If they ware after the user’s security there shoude have been an option to disable it, program would display a warnig with all major AV/FW programs warnings disabled by default and an option to hide the warning for unknown products used by the user – instead oracle decided to hide it, force it upon the users and blame others for there mistake.

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