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Duplicati it is very convenient and universal client that will help you securely encrypt your information, as well as to make a backup copy, compress data for more options and take advantage of cloud services and a variety of remote file servers. Download Duplicati, and you can work with services such as Windows Live SkyDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, SSH, FTP, WebDAV, and with many others!

With its built-in AES-256 encryption, Duplicati can create a reliable backup that can be signed by the GNU Privacy Guard. In addition, the program has a convenient scheduler with which you can rest easy - your files will fit the bill. Duplicati free download, and with it you get a huge number of possibilities: the removal of rules, filters, as well as the parameters for the transmission and bandwidth. All this makes a backup of versatility.

You can use Duplicati to work on platforms such as Windows and Linux, thanks to the license LGPL. To work on Linux requires. NET 2.0 + or Mono. Important: Duplicati and Duplicity and have similar functions, but they are not compatible with each other.

Features Duplicati:

  • The use of encryption AES-256 or GNU Privacy Guard. The files will be fixed before the loaded;
  • Convenient scheduler automatically backs up;
  • You can download the encrypted backup copy on CloudFiles, Amazon S3, WebDAV, FTP, SSH, etc.;
  • The program performs a full backup, and also stores the information. Additional updates preserve bandwidth;
  • Software has a command line, as well as convenient and easy to use interface for easy operation, and is also used as a supplement;
  • With Duplicati you can back up different types of files and folders, as well as images, documents and other things;
  • Using the service is Windows Volume Snapshot, as well as LVM for Linux, Duplicati help you make backup copies are not only open, but locked files. This can be very useful in time of work in Microsoft Outlook backup files PST.
Duplicati 1.3.4 screenshot Duplicati 1.3.4 screenshot Duplicati 1.3.4 screenshot

Title: Duplicati 1.3.4

File Name: Duplicati 1.3.4.msi

File Size: 9.54MB (10,008,254 bytes)

Requirements: Windows (All Versions)

Languages: Multiple languages

Date Added: February 20, 2013

Author: Kenneth Skovhede

Home Page: http://www.duplicati.com

Program Page:

MD5 Hash: 1D0EF56B1EB5367290BB92EE570C7DC3

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